Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga Supports KOPITU’s Role in the G20 Summit


As is known, in the last 5 years Indonesia has enjoyed a trade surplus of 2.43 billion USD yoy. This is a very appropriate momentum for Indonesia to further increase national exports as a strategic economic acceleration step. Moreover, with the G20 Summit to be held in Indonesia in 2022, this momentum needs to be accelerated more strongly so that Indonesia’s economic strength can be more recognized in the eyes of the world, and provide a more favorable position in terms of the upcoming free trade agreement.

In the KOPITU Online Webinar (6/1), the strengthening of MSMEs and strategic steps in supporting Indonesia’s G20 were discussed exclusively. The webinar was attended by, among others, Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo Tri Purnajaya, Muhammad Hadianto as Secretary of the SHERPA G20 Indonesia Substance Team, General Chairperson of KOPITU Yoyok Pitoyo, and hundreds of participants representing the Indonesian Embassy, ​​Diaspora, SMEs, and other organizations from the government. and non-government.

“Indonesia’s chairmanship in the G20 is a very extraordinary opportunity”, said Yoyok. “This momentum is very rare because as described earlier, most of the world’s economic powers and world trade are in this forum. With this chairmanship, we need to work on new policies that can facilitate the export of Indonesian MSME products to 19 countries. others” said Yoyok.

Referring to President Jokowi’s directives regarding the G20, it is hoped that the benefits of the G20 will not only be felt by large companies but also MSMEs.

“Welcoming this, KOPITU has prepared a Marketplace consisting of business actors from the 20 participating countries of the G20. It is hoped that this will give rise to discretion and support in the import-export process, especially for MSME players,” he continued.

According to Hadianto, issues related to MSMEs will be brought up thoroughly in the G20 later through financial and non-financial channels. “I think the empowerment of local MSMEs is also very important to enliven the G20 performances in Indonesia,” he added.

“We, as representatives of Indonesia in Tokyo, are also trying to increase exports for MSMEs, of course with curation for any products that can enter the Japanese market. We also invite several parties to work together, and in the future, we hope that there will be various facilities that can be enjoyed by MSMEs. For example, the work programs we have done include the Diasporapreneur and MSME Centre. Later we will be able to synergize with KOPITU and the Expora program from BNI,” said Purnajaya.

“We say many thanks to all ranks from KOPITU. I think this is a very useful forum. We invite you often, sir, we are happy to be able to open things that we usually brainstorm and motivate MSME players”, said Jerry Sambuaga.
“Of course, we from the Ministry of Trade will always be ready to provide support. We from the Ministry will also definitely be eyeing side events, and later we can synergize together with KOPITU”, he added.

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