Friday, June 17, 2022

The United Indonesia Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Committee (KOPITU) has been successful in facilitating the Sister City collaboration between Denpasar City and Darwin City, Australia as a form of commitment from the vision and mission to participate in developing the regional economy.

Starting with the KOPITU audience to the Denpasar City Government to participate in generating the economy and human resources, tourism and agriculture and various other sectors. Until it came to the point of collaborating with Sister City.

In a series of signings of the Sister City MOU which was attended by Lord Mayor The Hon Jon Vatkalis and the Australian business delegation in Denpasar.

The signing of the Sister City MOU was also accompanied by an SMEs Exhibition for KOPITU members who displayed products such as Coffee, processed Taro Beneng, Honey, Crafts and other processed SME products which were greeted with enthusiasm and interest by the delegates of the city of Darwin.

In the technical meeting after the signing of the Sister City MOU, KOPITU was the first to provide material and proposals related to employment, investment, agriculture and health which received positive responses from the delegates to be able to hold further meetings.

The matching business is also an important agenda for KOPITU so that MSMEs and other business sectors can participate in this MOU. The emphasis in this matching business is about Agriculture in the fields of Biosecurity and Agricultural Harvest Technology, as well as the implementation of Sister City towards Sister University & School to be able to increase human resources in various fields of vocational training and certification. Of course, with the opening of HR opportunities to work in Australia, especially in the city of Darwin.

Technical meetings and special discussions between the Darwin city delegation and KOPITU became the first step in the success of the MOU Sister City Denpasar & Darwin. By carrying out the Matching Business, which is of course still within the framework of the Sister City MOU, it is hoped that more benefits will be obtained by the two cities.

Furthermore, KOPITU and Denpasar City Representatives will make a return visit to Darwin City to follow up on existing or planned collaborations to be developed and executed in real time.

“The Sister City and Matching Business Program that KOPITU carries out is a commitment to carrying out KOPITU’s Vision and Mission, one of which is encouraging MSMEs to Go Global,” said Yoyok Pitoyo. After Darwin, KOPITU also proposed continuing Sister City in other cities such as Perth and also other countries such as Japan and South Korea.

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