Minister of Trade Lutfi Becomes the Master of Side Events G20


Indonesia’s Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi was appointed as the person in charge of organizing the G20 Side Events. He ensured that Indonesian local wisdom was an added value in the side event of the G20 Presidency.
Lutfi said the entire agenda in the G20 Side Events will have an impact on the entire series of G20 meetings held this year. Based on his records, there are 121 side events that will take place in 20 cities in Indonesia from December 2021 to October 2022.

Of the 121 side events, seven events will be held in conjunction with the G20 Summit in Bali in October 2022.

Several forms of side events this year include seminars, economic cooperation forums, cultural events, trade promotions, exhibitions, kick-off meetings, and field reviews.

“The G20 Side Events aim to provide a more complete understanding to G20 members regarding the priority agenda of the G20 Presidency. The G20 Side Events must also be a showcase of the positive image of progress and Indonesian culture,” said Lutfi in an official statement released on Friday (7/1).

According to Lutfi, the showcase of philosophy with noble cultural values will be displayed periodically in a number of separate side events. He hopes that the side events will have an impact on the economy, both in the region and in Indonesia in general.

Therefore, Lutfi views the momentum of the G20 Presidency as crucial. This is because Indonesia is actively placing itself as part of the world’s efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The G20 meeting must be a means of introducing lifestyles, resilience in crises and pandemics, as well as the ability to restore health, economy, and superior products of G20 members so that they can help move the world economy,” said Lutfi.

He added that 15 ministries and seven institutions would support side events during the G20 series.

The dozens of ministries consist of the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Women’s Empowerment, and Child Protection.

Then, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Investment/Investment Coordination Agency, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Ministry of Cooperatives and

Meanwhile, the seven institutions in question are Bank Indonesia, the Corruption Eradication Commission, the Indonesian Academy of Sciences, the National Research and Innovation Agency, the Supreme Audit Agency, Indonesian Youth Diplomacy, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Indonesia’s success in this year’s G20 Presidency will accelerate the recovery of world conditions after the COVID-19 pandemic and also encourage Indonesia to recover from the pandemic,” he concluded.

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