“Solo Will Host G20 Meeting”


The city of Solo has been appointed to host the G20 Trade Industry and Investment Working Group (TIWG), which will be held at the end of March 2022.

Besides Solo, the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) also chose the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) and DKI Jakarta as the host cities.

The Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, said that the international event was an opportunity to accelerate the post-pandemic economic recovery in Bengawan City. Solo, he continued, will prepare a series of activities to welcome guests from the 20 largest economic powers in the world.

“There will be many events before the G20. Many will be held in Solo,” he said, Thursday (30/12).

The son of President Joko Widodo is reluctant to reveal the series of events that will be held to welcome the TIWG G20. He reasoned that the event will only be held for the next three months so the City Government (Pemkot) still needs time to prepare.

“Wait a minute. Approaching D-day,” he said.

The international event is projected to be attended by hundreds of guests from friendly countries. Gibran wants to take advantage of this opportunity to promote industry and MSMEs in Solo and its surroundings.

“There are (UMKM) souvenirs, food, local products that we will curate,” he said.

Gibran explained that the TIWG G20 will be held in almost six days with a meeting for four days. In addition to the meeting, the delegates will take a tour in the city of Solo.

“This is a nearly six-day event. Four days of meeting, sight seeing is also available,” he said.

According to Gibran, the Ministry of Industry has chosen one of the hotels as the meeting location.

“Just one, not many. You want to make a bubble, you can’t spread it like that,” he said.

Previously, the Director General of Resilience, Territorial and International Industrial Access of the Ministry of Industry, Eko Cahyanto met Gibran at Solo City Hall, Wednesday (29/12) to discuss the implementation of the G-20 TIWG. Eko said the TIWG G20 will be attended by delegates from 39 entities from 20 member countries, 6 invited countries, and 10 international organizations.

The meeting will discuss the acceleration of industry 4.0 and sustainable industrial development.

“Industrials in Solo and its surroundings have adapted to global sustainability standards. Some have implemented a green office,” he said.

The city of Solo itself was chosen because it has adequate transportation and accommodation facilities in addition to its strategic location. Solo and the surrounding area are also considered as important industrial nodes in the country.

“We want the delegation to know very well what Solo is like and what can be seen in Solo,” he said.

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